I started my heating career doing only power flushes for a local plumber. I was doing about 3 a week but soon learnt there had to be a better way. Doing a mucky system in one day is difficult & needs aggressive acid. After my first few months of doing them I had already started dosing a couple of weeks before flushing. Even then you are left with not much pressure from the machine & its best attribute is to alternate the flow to shift the sludge. Even this wasn’t brilliant. I moved on to mains flushing using various hoses from a tap and hoses from Flow & Return. This worked so much better (although it got messy with swapping hoses over to mains flush one way then the other) that I looked into making something more permanent. As with life in general I never got around to it – and then I found this from Thoroughflush. It’s simply the dogs goolies. It’s so compact cost effective & so well made. You can crank the flows direction without removing any hoses and it’s just the simplest thing to use. This knocks spots of a traditional flusher and laughs at a magnet using the boiler pump! Put your cleanser in a week or so prior and this will remove the sludge so fast you can hardly believe it. I love how it’s so small. Comes with all the attachments and ample pipe. I have only used it the once so far and can see the value in the clever idea straight away. Its four yes’s from me!