Service Water Test Kit (BS7593:2019)

£100.00 exc VAT

  • Great kit for engineers to comply with the BS7593:2019 additive test
  • pH test strips (6.0 – 10.0)
  • Molybdate inhibitor test strip (0-350ppm)
  • Hardness Test solution
  • Iron test strips (0-100ppm)
  • Only available for UK mainland purchase
  • Costs less than £1.70 per complete test

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Category: SKU: TFTK004


The boiler service test kit is designed to comply with the BS7593 2019 section 10. ‘The concentration of additives in system water should be checked after commissioning and annually thereafter throughout the life of the system to ensure energy efficiency and the benefits of ongoing protection are maintained. This check should also include an assessment of water cleanliness and servicing of the in-line filter.

This kit will only test for Molybdate inhibitors. Used in many main brand inhibitors. Please contact us if you require information on chemical inhibitors. This kit will not test for the Scalemaster inhibitor as they don’t  contain Molybdate.





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