Thoroughflush Kit

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1 x Thoroughflush Kit Contains
  • 1 x Thoroughflush
  • 1 x large hose bag
  • 2 x small bags for fittings & Thoroughflush
  • 30m coil ¾ID reinforced PVC clear hose
  • 10 x ¾ hose clips
  • 10 x ¾ female brass hose tails
  • 15 x ¾ high-grade washers
  • 3 x ¾ male brass 15mm compression couplings
  • 3 x ¾ male brass 22mm compression couplings
  • 2 x ¾ brass connector
  • 1 x ½ to ¾ adaptor
  • 1 x 2.5m velcro strap
  • 1 x instruction pack


I understand the frustration and time that can be lost when arriving at a job and you don’t have the correct hose length or connection method to get you flushing. This kit is provided to enable you to make your own custom hose lengths and connections as required.



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Terms of Use

Thoroughflush recommends a full system survey is undertaken before system connection. Please be aware the Thoroughflush is a device operated by mains water pressure. A backflow prevention device such as a check valve that conforms to BS EN 1717 must be used to connect to water main. You need to ensure there is sufficient flow & pressure from the mains supply for the Thoughflush to operate effectively. As the flush is carried out at mains water pressure, any person operating the device should be competent in system flushing and fully understand heating systems. Thoroughflush Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage caused due to incorrect operation or system failure. Thoroughflush is for use on domestic heating systems only. Please dispose of system water correctly, adhere to water regulations and follow the manufacturer’s instructions if any chemicals are present within the system. Connections and fittings must be checked throughout the flushing process.

The Thoroughflush kit takes the method described in the British standard document BS7593:2019 to another level to produce better water quality.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 600 × 210 × 600 cm

36 reviews for Thoroughflush Kit

  1. Ryan Nicholson

    This product is not only simple to use, it is so effective in removing sludhe & debris from all pipework
    The thoroughflush team are only a phone call away if any advice is needed

    This product is a game changer for our company & we use it on every boiler install

    5 star product

  2. Kimbo

    well made small and easy to use this is my go to tool for flushing. This takes no prisoners especially with the easy bidirectional flow control. Its a very small% of the price of a flushing machine and as yet has never disapointed.

  3. Steve Calvert

    Always struggled to flush effectively, the throughflush has made it so much easier for us, so much smaller than our conventional unit and in my opinion works better and fast.
    Highly recommended

  4. David

    I’ve been using this setup for a few months now and found it to be perfect for our business as busy installers.
    The results are always great with this method which is saving loads of wear and tear on our Powerflushing machine.
    It’s already paid for itself in reduced setup time alone and takes up far less room in the van too.

  5. Mark Woodward

    I have had the kit just over 6 months now and it is a fantastic addition. Very easy to connect, super reliable, and has clear visual results to show my customers. I’ve even connected it via my Mangnaclean.

    Awsome bit of kit and it’s early it’s keep ten fold.

  6. Glen Wakeling

    Great piece of kit for a simple flush solution. Easy to use and no complicated fill and dump procedures. Fantastic value and well made

  7. Tommy Eastman

    An amazingly developed and simple piece of kit that helps us engineers massively, the time it takes to set up and start the process of mains water flushing of heating systems is greatly reduced, and complimented with fantastic results even after a powerflush in some cases! Highly recommend.

  8. S Challinor (verified owner)

    The Thoroughflush has made it so easy and quick to flush effectively
    Great company to deal with
    Highly recommended

  9. Ben Evans

    I’ve now used this on Several jobs and it works so well, you know when each radiator is clean as you can see the water change colour. Would highly recommend.

  10. Michael Boaden (verified owner)

    Ive been using the Thoroughflush now for around 7 months. I was always sceptical about just mains flushing and always favoured powerflushing over anything. I was gobsmacked when I powerflushed a system for 6 hours with hardly any results to then using this kit on the same job and the results were outstanding and continue to be outstanding on every system we flush. Ricky also offers great support and if you need to call your speaking to him not someone sat in an office. Its a great bit of kit and a great company to deal with and I have and always will recommend this to everyone I know.

  11. Rob Gardner

    From set up to first use is so simple . All easily stored in a bag so everything is kept together can’t Rate this flush unit more . Amazing how much it gets out the heating systems. I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of buying one , Ricky is a top bloke and will answer any questions you have

  12. Ashley Sothcott (verified owner)

    The Thoroughflush is a highly effective, simple to use and well built product for flushing all types of heating systems.
    Have always powerflushed system but since purchasing the Thoroughflush 6 months ago, the powerflusher hasn’t left the garage.
    Awesome kit and In my opinion, my system have never been cleaner.
    Ricky is always happy to answers any questions and help out if needed.

  13. Michael Roche (verified owner)

    Best piece of kit I have bought I have tried many flushing machines but this beats anything hands down. Results are unbelievable. You can speak to Ricky direct if you need any information he’s a top man. Definitely recommend this kit if you are thinking about buying a flushing kit.

  14. Matt redfern

    This piece of kit is a great thing to have on the van. Simple to set up and use, takes the stress outta flushing after a boiler swap. Rick is really helpful too.

  15. john elrick (verified owner)

    Great product. Saves loads of time. Highly recommend.

  16. Dean (verified owner)

    I have sold over 5000 boilers and in my opinion this is the best flushing machine on the market. Fast, thorough and so easy to use.
    We use a tds meter so each radiator is within 10% of the mains drinking water.
    Great product.

  17. Spencer Dooley

    More than happy with this amazing bit of kit! Needed a flushing machine for a while now and always been reluctant with the price and size of them. Saw this being used via Instagram and looked into it then soon ordered!
    For the price and size of this, being able to keep it within your van at all times taking you minimal space to very handy! All the accessories that come supplied have been really thought about and there is nothing you need not supplied! The unit itself comes with its own pouch, all the bits (rubbers, connectors etc) have another pouch and then it all goes inside one big pouch to keep it all together!
    Used this for the first time and was very impressed with how efficient it was, easy to set up and get going. I used it with hot water initially to get all the gunk within system moving with I found really helped then with also being able to switch the flow so simply got it all out and clear in no time at all!
    I’d highly recommend getting one if you’ve not yet
    S D

  18. Simon Poskett

    I always strive to leave my customers with the best quality water in their new heating systems. The ability to ‘reverse flush’ to lift the sludge into solution and dump it to drain is key for a successful flush of a heating system. I’ve always preferred results from a mains flush approach but reversing the flow can be problematic so the only way for me intil now was to use large, expensive power flush machine which is also prone to overflowing. Now Thoroughflush is here a simple, effective, quick and leak free flush is so easy. They can even supply a full range water quality testing kit and accessories to ensure you are achieving the highest standards in water quality for your customers. I can Thoroughly recommend this kit!

  19. Paul Fisk

    Had this a while now. Used it on a job with microbore that the customer had trouble with for years. This thing worked a treat, so easy and great value for money. It’s simple and it works. Highly recommend this product.

  20. Dave Smith (verified owner)

    Hi just a note to say recently bought a Thorough Flush unit.delivered next working day.
    Used the next day. Very happy does what it’s supposed too. Half the price of pumped flushing unit and much less cumbersome. A good investment.

  21. Dave Smith (verified owner)

    Payed ,flushing unit delivered on time,used the next day.good bit of kit,fully recommend the investment, easy to use,half the size of conventional flushing unit.
    No problem
    Dave Smith P&H

  22. Haydn T (verified owner)

    I bought Thorough flush kit after coming up against a couple heating issues. I spoke to Ricky on the phone and was really helpful, ordered the kit and came with fast delivery.
    Great bit of kit really helped me out when I needed it and in will do in the future!
    Kit bag keeps it nice and tidy without taking up half the van.

  23. Wesley H

    Use this now on every install from the small to really large installs. Quick to set up and use. Would highly recommend

  24. Craig

    Great piece of kit. Having used various powerflush machines over the years this had ultimately changed my approach. So simple use and more effective than previous ways. Definitely recommend to get one, it’s makes a mains flush so easy to do. The reverse flow option is the clincher .

  25. Frontline plumbing

    Top quality , I have been using this for over 18 months now, very simple to use and very effective in mains flushing a central heating system.

    Ricky is always at the end of a phone if you need extra parts.

  26. JF Heating LTD (verified owner)

    Unreal piece of kit. I was unsure which flush machine to get but Ricky was honest in which products on the market do what and the customer care he gives is fantastic. Even when I brought the product, I’ve never done a flush and talked me through how to do it which took a lot of pressure off. I now do it every boiler change and can offer flushing as a service for my company. The results I get out of it are brilliant, it’s paid for itself. No brainer of an investment Thanks again Ricky

  27. Lewis Neal (verified owner)

    I have used the thoroughflush 4 times now and I must say it’s an amazing price of kit to have. I used to use my Powerflush machine but with the thoroughflush it makes the job alot quicker for setting up and even flushing the system.
    If the pressure is there then this is the way to go with cleaning the system. You get everything you’ll need on the order to flush a system out and it’s really easy to use.

    Recommend a agitator with this for cleaning the system for maximum results.

  28. Daniel Mahoney (verified owner)

    A fantastically well made bit of kit, really pleased with it. Simple, effective, and compact. Brilliant solution for flushing both new systems and boiler replacement jobs. I haven’t used it on a heavily fouled system yet, but I’m sure with decent mains and predosing with cleaner it will do a great job!

  29. (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic bit of kit, a well thought out product which does exactly what it says on the tin. Removes pretty much all sludge and debris from the system if you follow Ricky’s instructions and use it as its meant to be used. It can be used on any system and is perfect for those systems where you would be worried about putting a Power flush machine on.
    Amazing what it actually removes, I connected my Power flush magnets inline just to see how effective it was, couldn’t believe what it removed.
    Would 100% recommend this product

  30. Paul Clark

    So I’ve been using the throughflush now for about a year I’m being honest I didn’t know what to expect but it looked a great and well made and after speaking to Rick his knowledge of this industry and Passion Shone through I decided to purchase one
    So out the bag it’s small and compact and beautifully made very easy to use it’s a product you can keep on your van all the time as opposed to lugging round a big cumbersome machine it gets the results you need i’m on the strength of this I’ll be looking to purchase the water testing kit
    Paul clark
    Concept plumbing & heating
    Heating installer 2021 northwest
    Plumber of the year runner up 2019

  31. Ciaran Duggan (verified owner)

    I’ve now been using this Kit from April. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The unit, hoses, connectors and even fibre washers are all great quality. It is a joy to use a product thats so simple but effective. Ill be coming back to this company to add more products soon. The customer support shouldn’t be overlooked either as they are very helpful.

  32. Ben (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit
    No hoses through windows, easy to set up.
    Just get on and buy it, it works.

  33. Craig Snailum (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant piece of kit.
    Well thought out design, build quality is superb and easily set up.
    Have used this constantly since we purchased it and is extremely effective.

  34. Alex Winters (verified owner)

    Its a game changer. No more bulky, leaky powerflush machines. I’ve used the kit 6 times now and it is brilliant. Compact, well designed, easy to use and gets the system crystal clear.
    Best purchase of the year for me.

  35. Henry D-Ball

    Bought this kit a few years ago. Loved the company and trusted what I was hearing. But just couldn’t brave the change. So two years ago I fitted a boiler on a perfectly working systejm and power flushed it for 8 hours before the install . A few months ago now the customer reported 4 totally blocked radiators. I couldn’t believe it. So I dumped strong cleaner in for 2 weeks. Turned up with the thorough flush. In 6 hours we had the whole system clean and all radiators working like new. I should have had more Faith. We are doing one today and one on Friday already. I am finally converted and I feel a fool for not getting on with it sooner. I may even start to leave the kit in the van. It’s so compact and so many jobs could require the use of this kit.

  36. Jake (verified owner)

    I used thorough flush for a couple of years on my old company and have just ordered a new one for my business. It is a great bit of kit I couldn’t do without. Never come across a blockage it can’t clear and never caused me a leak even on micro boar systems.
    Easy to use and reliable as you like.
    Great customer service from company and prompt delivery.

    Thanks again will be back for another for the boys soon!

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