Magnetic demineralization cartridge VEP300 (disposable)

£90.00 exc VAT

  • Safe refilling of heating systems with demineralized water according to VDI 2035.
  • Suitable to refill small amounts of heating water.
  • No measuring devices necessary to monitor the filter performance.
  • Unprecedented price-performance ratio
  • Only available for UK mainland purchase

This new generation of cartridges with a color indicator thus provides a very cost-efficient and simple alternative to stationary water make-up stations. It is ideal for the service technichians who repeatedly refills small quantities. With the indicator cartridge the end consumer can also easily refill demineralized water themselves. The regulations of DIN EN 1717 must be observed.

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With the magnetic demineralisation cartridge 300 for replenishment of heating water according to VDI 2035 magnetic closes a gap. In contrast to previous demineralisation cartridges, the color indicator shows when the capacity of the cartridge is exhausted, without complex measuring instruments. The demineralisation cartridge 300 has a capacity of 300l at 10 °dH / 17.8 °fH

Terms of Use

Manufacturers instructions must be adhered to, for more technical information please contact Magnetic® via email


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