Magnetic demineralization cartridge VEP1000 (disposable)

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  • Safe refilling of heating systems with demineralized water according to VDI 2035.
  • Suitable to fill domestic heating systems
  • Unprecedented price-performance ratio
  • For use with Magnetic measuring computer
  • Great product for installers wanting to make the change to VDI2035 methods on a budget
  • Only available for UK mainland purchase




Disposable cartridge for safe and simple demineralization of filling water for closed-circuit heating/cooling systems on ion-exchange basis, uses the continuous-flow method with mixed bed resin in accordance with VDI 2035 With its proven mix ratio, high quality resin supports the self-alkalinisation process immediately after the filling and thus ensures a long-term corrosion protection through a low-mineral operation of the system without additional use of inhibitors. The requirements of DIN EN 1717 must be observed during the filling of heating systems!


Terms of Use

Manufacturers instructions must be adhered to, for more technical information please contact Magnetic® via email

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Weight 5.2 kg

1 review for Magnetic demineralization cartridge VEP1000 (disposable)

  1. Steve Calvert (verified owner)

    Bought this as a light weight alternative for vdi2035, we demineralis our water to vdi2035 and this makes is really easy. We fit it onto a flushing bypass and leave it do its thing, remove and test. Simple and effective

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