Ion exchange resin for full demineralization 12.5Litre

£130.00 exc VAT

  • Resin refill for VA14 & Purofill150
  • Packed airtight. for improved shelf life and capacity maintenance.
    • Packed in a stackable box. including a disposal bag for used resins.
    • Mixed bed resin with a high anion content of> 60% to avoid a low pH value.
    • Operating temperature up to 100 ° C. therefore also suitable for the
    desalination of heating water using the recirculation principle when the
    system is operating fully.
    • Can be used in all standard systems for the complete desalination of water.
    • 100% new goods of the best quality.
    • Calculated total capacity per liter of resin at 330 µS / cm raw water quality: ~
    150 liters of demineralized water at a capacity end time of 10 µS / cm.




The quality promise

Elector ion exchange resins are exclusively new and
are always subjected to quality control in the
In addition. Elector regularly check the behaviour of the
resins in our in-house water laboratory.

Price includes shipping fee.

Additional information

Weight 9.456 kg


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