System Water Analysis TFTK001

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  • Great kit for the professional heating engineer
  • Conductivity/TDS/Temp meter inc 1413µs solution
  • pH/Temperature meter inc pH 4,7 & 10 Solutions
  • Hardness, Molybdate, Nitrite, Copper, Aluminium & Chloride Tests
  • Suspended Solids comparative samples
  • All items can be replaced individually


Category: SKU: TFTK001


Kit Includes

  • Conductivity/TDS/Temp meter inc 1413µs solution
  • pH/Temperature meter inc pH 4,7 & 10 solutions
  • Suspended Solids samples kit
  • Chloride indicator (65ml)
  • Chloride LR Titrant (65ml)
  • Hardness Reagent (65ml)
  • Nitrite Titrant 10 to 2000ppm (65ml)
  • Nitrite indicator 10 to 2000ppm (65ml)
  • Iron Comparator Solution 0 to 10ppm (65ml)
  • Aluminium no1 tablets (50pk) Aluminium no.2 tablets (50pk)
  • Copper/Zinc tablets (50pk)
  • Molybdate Reagent (65ml)
  • Waterproof instruction guide / charts
  • Plastic carry case and foam inserts
  • Measuring tubes / cells
  • Test kit made to order, please allow 5 working days for despatch
  • Cost includes hazardous shipping rate of £10.50
  • Only available for UK mainland purchase

All items are individually replacable from Thoroughflush. Replacable probes for test meters avaliable.

1 review for System Water Analysis TFTK001

  1. Wesley – West Hampstead Plumbing & Heating (verified owner)

    Water quality is such an important part but often neglected part of a heating system. We needed to be able to test new & legacy installations and get instant results so we could advise on treatment and remedial steps. As we recommend VDI standard filling where possible, we also needed to test and make sure we were getting the desired results. This kit provides all the in-depth data we need to carry out our work and the ongoing support and advice Ricky gives us to make the right decisions are invaluable.

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